The Ultimate Fun Fearless Fabulous 2009

Cosmo sempat minta Intan Shafinaz untuk kongsikan pandangannya mengenai anugerah hebat ini.

Perasaan Juara…When the winner was announced during the Awards evening on December 5th, saya memang terkejut dan sudah tentu, gembira. I had stiff competition from the other finalists as each person is unique in her own fun, fearless, fabulous ways. It was difficult to even predict who would be the chosen one, but when my name was called, it was a moment of mixed feelings – disbelief, nervousness and pure elation. Sememangnya ia detik penting yang saya mahu kongsikan dengan finalis lain…. We are all beautiful.

Erti Anugerah Itu…Anugerah ini satu pengiktirafan pembaca Cosmo sendiri that they could relate to a person as Fun, Fearless and Fabulous. It is not so easy to fit the 3-in-1 bill…. I was not even sure I could. Though, it is amazing that readers can gauge a lot from just the photos of the finalists and their short interviews. Well, I suppose a picture does paint a thousand words! I am certainly thrilled to be awarded the recognition by the readers themselves.

Rancangan 2010... Saya rancang untuk sambung belajar tahun depan. It is high time that I pursue my Masters. The working life is truly competitive, and I am talking globally here, not just within Malaysian boundaries. We not only have to excel academically, but have to be well-rounded and equipped with positive attitude and energy. So in a nutshell, I will be furthering my studies and staying healthy. Oh yes, at some point, I should try to get married. Hahaha. That would be fun, fearless and fabulous all rolled into one!!!

Cara jadi wanita Fun Fearless Fabulous… Love yourself, only then can you be truly comfortable and confident in your own skin. Be positive, healthy, mentally-strong and emotionally-stable. I believe that women have always been the stronger gender and that someday we will rule the Planet. We women have been born with the ‘X’ factor (heck, we have two ‘X’ chromosomes in our genes and the men are short of one)… there comes a time when you have to activate it and be fearless! But please do not be selfish and just think about yourself. Being vain is so not cool.

Identify something out there that you have a natural bond with, beyond yourself, and work for the greater cause that is bigger than oneself. For example, I love coral reefs. Diving is my passion and I go out there and try to make sure people understand that our corals are fragile. If they die due to our careless behaviour, so will the ocean, and so will we. We all have a great mission – this one on protecting our coral reefs is mine.

Love, Shafi.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fun Fearless Fabulous 2009

  1. Well said Shafi…. Congratulations…!!! May all women in the world have all the Ultimate FFF values and never fear to rule the world…and psst.., i like ur tan skin… 🙂

  2. nazLYNN jane says:

    A very good speech and congratulatins cik shafinas!

  3. Asmahanum says:

    Congratulations Shafi. Nice meeting you. You're a very confident person!

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