Dear Cosmo Bloggers,
Thank you again for everything. Thinking back, I am still rather taken aback with the title. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I am thoroughly ecstatic. I was reading about the other fine ladies who were in the run up for the title and thought that each and everyone of them were very special in their own ways. I figured that as an environmentalist, my job or what I do, wasn’t as fabulous as the rest especially for the votes. And boy was I wrong. Perhaps the voters thought or felt that what I did and who I am represented someone who is “FFF” and it moves me that the voters thought that way.
I hope that others will remember that beauty is skin deep and to be FFF need not mean that you need to be a superstar. What makes a person FFF is the will to pursue one’s dreams, the agility to ride through ups and downs of life and also the passion for one’s career, family and life. As an environmentalist, it takes a lot to be where I am today yet I still have a long way to go to make a difference. But with perseverence, patient, wisdom and courage, we, as women should be able to chart a very positive path to becoming FFF in their own special ways.
* Fun is when you are always surrounded by your love ones and friends and everyday is special knowing that you spent some part of your day smiling.
* Fearless is when you as a woman appeal to a wide audience in what one does. It is about embodiment of life without hesitation. “Always have the courage to change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference”.
* Fabulous is not about physical appearance anymore these days. Substance matters and especially for women, this seem to be the crux of moving ahead with one’s career. Gone are the days when fabulous use to be about dressing up in luxurious elements or being the socialite of high class society. Fabulous is about doing something amazing in one’s life and giving it to mankind.

I hope that I can represent everyday women in motivating them to be Fun Fearless and Fabulous in their own special ways.

Thank you,
Yasmin Rasyid

“Crusading for the Environment”


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