Anugerah Fun Fearless Fabulous Cosmopolitan 2008 – Results are in!

Dan pemenangnya jatuh kepada…

* The Ultimate Fun Fearless Fabulous – YASMIN RASYID
* Pengacara Radio Fun Fearless Fabulous – FARA FAUZANA
* Aktres Fun Fearless Fabulous – MAYA KARIN
* Pengacara TV Fun Fearless Fabulous – RINA OMAR
* Penyanyi Fun Fearless Fabulous – NING BAIZURA
* Jejaka Fun Fearless Fabulous – ZIZAN NIN
TAHNIAH! Also, Cosmopolitan turut adakan beberapa kategori kejutan sempena Anugerah Fun Fearless Fabulous Sabtu lepas…
* Blog Choice Award – LIYANA ZULKIFLI (Finalis Fun Fearless Fabulous)
* Best Belly Dancer – ARRYAZUA SAPIE (Finalis Fun Fearless Fabulous)
* Peserta Terbaik Body Combat – SITI NADIRAH (Pembaca)

Yasmin (kiri) diwawancara media selepas dinobatkan The Ultimate Fun Fearless Fabulous 2008.

(kiri) Setting up for the event!
(kanan) Noryn ajak Juliana Cheong berduet satu baris dengannya. Aishah (tengah) tumpang seronok.


10 thoughts on “Anugerah Fun Fearless Fabulous Cosmopolitan 2008 – Results are in!

  1. Kasut pink says:

    Tahniah kpd semua pemenang!!!

  2. yasmin says:

    Wow! So fast and it’s up on the web! Thank you Cosmo. Thank you voters!-Yasmin

  3. Congrats winners, thank you to all yang beri sokongan dan juga to all yang menjayakan this wonderful event. Wish I can give a trophy to everyone coz I think everyone is special in their own way… The Cosmo Community is definitely Fun Fearless Fabulous babes!Watch out for more pic updates tomorrow and Yasmin Rasyid message to all Cosmo bloggers!

  4. Noor Ain says:

    i was there too and had fun as well =)keep it up team and tho my bestfren Nathasha was chicken out to join at the 1st place, she end up happily making network with everyone and met new fresh ppl like of of u! heee

  5. aRRy says:

    hi guys,i had a blast at the party. it was really awesome and i love everything cosmopolitan prepared for us, from the morning ‘hip shaking and sweat dripping’ sessions, the absolutely gempak makeover session, the food, the prizes…and even the doorgift! sekali sekala terasa macam celebrity..hehehhe. thanks a bunch cosmo, you all did a really wonderful job. and to the finalists….you guys RAWKKKKK!:-*arryazua sapiep/s: noor ain,thanks for being our unofficial photographer..hehe..

  6. Thanks Nor Ain, thanks Arry. Glad you guys enjoyed the event as we’ve put our sweat, time and tears trying to make it smooth sailing.Hope our FFF initiative will be a notable campaign in the future. Keep on supporting Cosmopolitan all the way…-Izza

  7. Noor Ain says:

    owh im so flattered la arry! hahaanyway u looked really cute n pretty last saturday!seriously..heheey wan ur pic or not? the jump one!hehe

  8. Natasha says:

    ONE string..FFF! So glad to be there!

  9. aRRy says:

    noor ain,pleaaaaaaaaassSSSSssseeee email me those pics…i want them so much especially our jump picture. email me at okay?thanks alot dear..

  10. i was there too….thanks cosmopolitan malaysia team…nice knowing u arry…noor ain…

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